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  • Beer and Wine Fridge

    Wine and Beer Fridge Guide

    Let’s say that you’re coming home from a long, tedious day at work and you just want to sit back and crack open a nice cold beer. Sounds good, right? Now here’s another scenario; you and your partner are having a nice dinner date. The food is nice, but of course, the chilled wine you’re […] More

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    Magic chef – Wine cooler buying guide

    Wine and beverage coolers are a great way to make sure that you are storing and serving your wine at the right temperature. Wine served at the correct temperature will make for a more enjoyable dining experience for you and your guests. Whatever type of wine you are planning to serve, storing it at the […] More

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    Buying Guide – Vinotemp Wine Fridge

    If wine is your chosen drink, but you don’t have access to a vast wine cellar stash, a Vinotemp Wine Fridge or Vinotemp Wine Cooler is an ideal way to store your wine and keep it accessible to drink anytime. The Vinotemp Wine Fridge and Vinotemp Wine Cooler appliances are a growing industry that continues […] More