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Buying Guide – Vinotemp Wine Fridge

If wine is your chosen drink, but you don’t have access to a vast wine cellar stash, a Vinotemp Wine Fridge or Vinotemp Wine Cooler is an ideal way to store your wine and keep it accessible to drink anytime. The Vinotemp Wine Fridge and Vinotemp Wine Cooler appliances are a growing industry that continues to grow as more American wine drinkers enjoy the great taste of sweet, semi-sweet, sparkling wines, and more.

As you look at all the options available today, what is the most standard thing you should look for in these wine fridges or coolers? Will they fit under the counter? If I don’t have an opening under my counter, are there other models that stand freely? How many wine bottles can one hold? Here are three of the top models that Vinotemp offers today that may help answer a few of these questions that come to mind.

About Vinotemp Wine Cooler

The Vinotemp Wine Fridge balances out the temperature and humidity that is the home today. Having your wine in the right temperature will affect the maturation process and preserving the corks shape. The correct temperature will also help to prevent mold and fungal contamination from the excess moisture found in the air.

The unique design angels your wine just right to keep your wine from breaking down from a dry cork as it always keeps it moist. It also saves you from having to throw out a good bottle of wine. These self-contained cooling systems are reasonably priced and simple to use. In other words, a Vinotemp Wine Cooler is an excellent investment to preserve and age your wine.

Of course, you can drink your wine anytime you would like especially during those special occasions. They are engineered to operate using an evaporator and condenser combined system inside each appliance making it quick to install. They have a tremendous trendy style that fit great in anybody’s home.

The Vinotemp Wine Fridge have a touch screen feature that controls the exact temperature ranging from 39-65 degrees that are necessary for your wine’s storage. The Vinotemp Wine Cooler has freestanding styles and those that fit directly under your counter. The coolers brand mentioned here can store from ten to hundreds of bottles of your specialized wine. They offer a LED internal light so you can easily see your selections of wine.

Review on Vinotemp Wine Cooler

The Vintemp brand offers many different wine and beverage cooler styles. This brand provides the best quality units with adequate controlled temperatures to preserve your wine and other beverages. Below are three Vinotemp Wine Cooler models that stood out above all during this buyer’s guide research. Each Vinotemp Wine Fridge model has a mirrored look with clear panels that provides a view of your wine of choice and other beverages when the LED light is turned on.

They have adequate temperature control that keeps your wine and beverages ready to quench your thirst. Each has a unique design that will enhance any household. However, that’s not all the 36-Bottle Touch Screen Vinotemp Wine Cooler and Beverage Cooler has to offer, it is also excellent for commercial properties. Each style below has other models that can hold either more or fewer amounts of wine or other beverages. It will all depend on your preference.


7-Bottle Mirrored Vinotemp Wine Cooler

The 7-Bottle Mirrored Vinotemp Wine Cooler is the ideal economical, space-saver with sturdy wire shelving to hold assorted brands of wine. It runs off of an electric cord that is compatible with 120 volts of power with 85 watts of interior lighting. The dimensions of this unique and stylish Vinotemp Wine Fridge are 20.6 X 5.8 X 34.2 inches making it easy to fit into a small spacious area, which means that they are ideal for a small apartment setting.

This 36.3-pound Vinotemp Wine Cooler has a sturdy black metal cabinet with dual-pane glass doors that provide a unique and stylish look for anybody’s home. It also features a touch screen temperature control that can adequately hold the ideal temperature for your specialty wine stock of any flavor or brand including sparkling wines and Champagne. The soft-glowing interior lighting for this Vinotemp Wine Fridge makes it easy to see which specialty wines you have in your collection and which ones you need to go out and purchase.

It also can be turned on and off for your convenience. This stunning Vinotemp Wine Cooler also features a patent-pending mirrored trim, Vinotemp exclusive design that gives a showcase look to any room of your choosing, which means that this appliance is not exclusively a kitchen appliance. This 7-cubic foot Vinotemp Wine Fridge has enough vast space for seven standard size bottles of wine with plenty of air space to keep them at the ideal temperature.

If you happen to purchase more substantial than standard size bottles you can still fit approximately six bottles of wine. Owning this style of Vinotemp Wine Cooler will allow you to chill your delicate white wines such as the Unoaked Chardonnay to bring out its delicious green apple, lemon, and even the hint of pineapple taste. Other wine options that would be great with this type of Vinotemp Wine Fridge are Sweet Riesling, Moscato, Gewurztraminer, and other assorted wine flavors.


• Great for small places

• Hold about a week supply of wine

• Sturdy wire shelving

• No need for expert installation


• If using large wine bottles, it only holds six

• May be difficult to open

Vinotemp VT-7BMSL-FE Wine Cooler Refrigerator 7 Bottle Capacity, Glass Door with Mirrored Trim,...
  • 7 BOTTLE STORAGE: Store up to 7 standard bottles of your favorite red and white...
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL: 40°- 72°F; Digital Temperature Control
  • LOADED WITH FEATURES: This wine cooler has wire racking, dual-pane glass door...
  • NO INSTALLATION NECESSARY: With its built-in front exhaust freestanding design,...
  • COMPACT SIZE: Narrow, upright design for storing 7 bottles in a narrow space. 5...

Vinotemp 34-Bottle Touch Screen Wine Cooler

The 34-Bottle Touch Screen Vinotemp Wine Cooler is ideal for storing and aging your wine. The unique design of the dual-pane tinted glass door with the recessed handle makes it convenient for easy access. This Vinotemp Wine Fridge also keeps the temperature between the ranges of 39-65 degrees which is the right coolness to enhance the flavors of your wine. The bright blue touch screen LED light shines down upon your unique selections of wines like the Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and many more flavors.

This Vinotemp Wine Fridge style is not made for built-in installation; instead, it is a freestanding unit that weighs 59 pounds. The dimensions of this distinctive Vinotemp Wine Cooler are 18.5 X 19 X 32.8 inches and require 120 volts for it to operate correctly and safely. Its 3.88 cubic feet capacity has plenty of airflow for the compressor to hold the temperature setting that is necessary for your particular brand of choice.

This Vinotemp Wine Fridge is manufactured with a safety lock for the control panel to protect your settings from getting changed by an innocent or accidental touch like the adjustable temperature controls. In any case, this Vinotemp Wine Fridge will protect your wine at all cost as long as you lock the control panel. The six wire shelves are strong and sturdy enough to handle the weight of multiple wine bottles. There is an extra small storage section at the bottom of the Vinotemp Wine Cooler for large wine bottles or other beverages.

The material of this Vinotemp Wine Fridge is made out of stainless steel with a black coating for flare. It is compatible with custom style panels. This storage Vinotemp Wine Cooler gives you plenty of extra space in your refrigerator and keeps your wine cool for the next occasion. It also makes it quick, easy, and convenient to browse through your wine collection or other beverages in a flash.


• The compressor holds the temperature well

• Has a reasonable capacity size

• Can store large bottles well

• Easy to open


• Not enough groves to adjust the shelves

• Noisy at times

Vinotemp 34-Bottle Touch Screen Wine Cooler
  • Dual-pane tinted glass door with recessed handle
  • Touch screen control panel with blue LED display
  • Freestanding unit--not for build-in installation
  • Temperature range: 39-65-Degree F
  • Safety lock to disable control panel access

Vinotemp 36-Bottle Touch Screen Mirrored Wine and Beverage Cooler

The 36-Bottle Touch Screen Vinotemp Wine Fridge and Beverage Cooler comes with a stunning mirrored trim that makes it fit perfectly amongst your other stylish kitchen appliances. This freestanding Vinotemp Wine Fridge is also great as a built-in installation unit. Its dimensions are 23.4″ in width, 22.44″ in diameter, and 32.28″ high with 12.97 cubic feet of capacity.

The left zone has enough space for “58” 12- ounce cans, and the right zone can hold 19 standard wine bottles. Both zone locations of this Vinotemp Wine Cooler have a robust and sturdy rack that can withstand the weight of your wine and other beverages. In fact, on the right side, the rack is customized for your wine bottles to fit perfectly in its grove. Each zone has its temperature gauge located on the touch screen control panels.

The left zone ranging between 36-43 degrees and the right ranging between 40-72 degrees keeps all the beverages and wine at the perfect level of coolness. Each temperature gage on this Vinotemp Wine Fridge can easily be monitored since the gage is on the outside panel; there you also can adjust the temperature as well. This 100-pound cooler requires 120 volts of electricity to run efficiently and safely.

It is designed with a sturdy metal cabinet and dual-pane glass doors that have a modern pole handle for easy access. The front exhaust is uniquely designed so the Vinotemp Wine Fridge can safely and seamlessly fit right amongst your cabinetry and still have enough ventilation to run correctly.

This modern style unit has the highest cooling technology with a unique style that can showcase your wine selections like your White Zinfandel, Prosecco, Sherry, or even champagne and other beverages such as sodas through its sleek mirrored effect. This Vinotemp Wine Cooler had a substantial amount of storage that will enhance your commercial property, your lovely home, or your outdoor kitchenette by the pool.


• Small enough to fit under a counter

• Perfect for standing alone

• Holds the ideal temperature for wine

• The rack is sturdy


• Large bottles don’t fit well

• The blue LED light may turn off


Final Thoughts:

This buyer’s guide details many aspects of the different Vinotemp model and what they can do for you to preserve your wine in the best way possible. Each option can keep your wine and other beverages at the right temperature to quench your thirst quickly. A good Vinotemp Wine Fridge is fabulous for the wine industry and those who enjoy a glass of wine in the evening or any part of the day. So, what are you waiting on? Check one out today.


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