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Buying Guide for Wine cooler and fridges

It’s great to have a bottle or two of champagne and some red wine options in your home in case friends stop by or something worth celebrating comes up. You can always store your bottles in a rack for an extended period to help them age, but did you know that improper storage will affect the color, aroma, flavor, and healthiness of the wine?

The World Food Logistics Organization says that both red and white wines should be stored ideally between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Storing a bottle outside of this range will affect its flavor. That being said, it’s important to get yourself an Avanti wine fridge if you always want to have a wine on hand. An Avanti wine cooler will ensure that the flavor quality and aroma of your wines are maintained and preserved.

About Avanti Wine Fridge

If you’ve been collecting wine for some time it might be an ideal opportunity to switch to a bigger, better quality wine cooler. Avanti offers a few alternatives for expansive and little collections that are viewed as being high caliber. They have an enormous scope of alternatives from  Avanti wine coolers that hold less than 20 bottles to a lot bigger Avanti wine fridge. Avanti Wine Cooler options additionally come in single and double zone alternatives.

Avanti offers a wide scope of fridges from those intended for an easygoing consumer to those with numerous bottles kept. Both the lower amount offers and the higher amount have models that get rave audits and those that get poor surveys. So as to get our general quality score we took a gander at each audit and weighted by the quantity of complete commentators of a particular model and found that by and large, Avanti offers excellent items. What’s more, what’s far and away superior, they offer them at the two closures of the range with their 12, 149, and 169 bottle limit models coming in the most noteworthy. The costs of these Avanti wine coolers are sensible and the items that do well have been profoundly evaluated – utilize those models as your beginning stage.

Things We Like about Avanti Wine Fridge

The Look – These Avanti wine fridges are smooth, consolidate distinctive tasteful components and will look incredible in any setting. While looks aren’t our first concern, it is imperative in a thing like this that can turn into the focal point of a room.

Pressure Cooling – We incline toward wine Avanti wine fridges that can cool to bring down temperatures and that are increasingly steady even in hotter encompassing temperatures. That is the reason we like that Avanti, for the most part, delivers wine Avanti wine coolers with a blower that handles cooling as opposed to thermoelectric models. The commotion distinction isn’t sufficient to make us move to thermoelectric and in the long wrong a unit with a blower will be more vitality proficient and along these lines efficient.

Flexible Options – Avanti offers coolers that fit toward the side of a little loft and hold 12 bottles. What’s more, they offer Avanti wine fridge that can hold well more than 100 bottles. The two closures of the range are prominent with an assortment of consumers.

Avanti Wine Cooler Review

Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler

Avanti’s thermoelectric Avanti wine cooler is a fabulous decision. It includes a twofold sheet, smooth dark plan with a protected sunken front glass entryway and three full-width chrome wine racks.

What’s more, with its smooth, modern look, it’ll look extraordinary in for all intents and purposes of any kitchen. Regardless of whether you place it nearby your Avanti wine fridge, on the ledge, or introduced into a bureau, this Avanti wine cooler includes style while keeping your prized wines at simply the correct temperature.

The Avanti wine fridge thermoelectric cooling framework is without vibration and is ultra calm. Its benefit being without vibration is that your wines will sit absolutely undisturbed. Other cooling frameworks may extend smaller scale vibrations through your wines putting them in danger of oxidation and potentially bargaining their quality.

This wine Avanti wine cooler is a standout amongst the most famous choices available, yet like some other item, it’s not immaculate. Here are a portion of its advantages and disadvantages to enable you to settle on an educated choice. In the first place, the upsides.


  • It’s affordable. Contrasted with different Avanti wine coolers available, this one won’t burn a hole in your pockets. You can breathe easy in light of realizing that this item is a decent purchase.
  • It’s anything but difficult to work and easy to use with delicate touch controls and a computerized display.
  • It has an appealing, rich appearance. Its inward entryway and platinum complete offer a cutting edge look that will compliment any bar, kitchen or lounge area.
  • Your wine’s composition won’t be bothered with its vibration free refrigeration framework. The thermoelectric cooling framework likewise enables it to runs pretty unobtrusively, however not absolutely quiet.
  • You can keep bottles standing upstanding inside the Avanti wine cooler. This enables you to keep bottles that are now open at the best possible temperature should you choose to return them to the Avanti wine cooler.
  • The racks are removable, so if ever you have a few bottles that are taller than normal, you can expel the second rack from the top to make them fit.
  • It’s really minimized and spares space. Bigger Avanti wine coolers can be somewhat overpowering, yet this one is advantageously measured.


  • This Avanti wine cooler stores standard, 750ml bottles. The last three racks remain in one piece that can’t be expelled to permit greater bottles like 1.5 liter or champagne bottles.
  • The controls in this AVANTI wine fridge have a lock out element which likewise controls the inside light. You have to hold the temperature control switch for a couple of moments, at that point press the light change to turn the light on. This can get irritating as you likely won’t have any desire to need to experience this progression.
  • The spaces of the metal racks on this Avanti wine fridge can’t fit bottles that are more extensive and taller than standard measured bottles including long-neck bottles despite the fact that they may in any case be just 750ml.
Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler - Model EWC1201,Black
  • 12 bottles total
  • Thermoelectric Cooling System
  • Curved Glass Door. Defrost System: Auto
  • Compact and Lightweight. No Vibration - Bottle Sediment is not Disturbed

Avanti 12-Bottle Wine Cooler Soft-Touch Digital Display

This Avanti wine fridge will hold up to 12 wine bottles for you. You can store 8 bottles on a level plane Avanti wine fridge and 4 bottles vertically. It has a calm and vitality productive Thermoelectrical cooling framework that keeps up an incredible temperature and hold. A lightweight Avanti wine cooler that will fit in restricted and little spaces well.

The classy structure is current and inventive, as well as advantageous when it comes to capacity. The bended entryway gives it an exceptionally smooth appearance and it keeps running without vibration so your wines residue isn’t aggravated, the unit has an auto defrost inherent so you never need to manage defrosting and the computerized showcase and delicate touch settings catch make activity basic.


  • The style and appearance joined with the helpful size make this  an incredible expansion to any room and stylistic theme.
  • The straightforward establishment and helpful access makes this Avanti wine fridge extremely engaging, particularly for those of you with tight or restricted spaces.


  • This Avanti wine fridge isn’t totally clamor free. It puts out a low running commotion when the blower kicks in, like that of your ordinary family Avanti wine cooler.
  • This Avanti wine fridge won’t hold larger than usual wine bottles.
12-Bottle Wine Cooler, Soft-Touch Digital Display, Sophisticated Thermoelectric Cooling System,...
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Avanti 24 Bottle Wine Cooler

Avanti 24 Bottle wine cooler is a standout amongst the best wine coolers in the market. Clearly worked from high caliber and sturdy material, this dark wine Avanti wine cooler from Avanti with a reversible entryway offers the quiet task to cool your most loved wines. There’s no recognizable vibration.

The simple slide-out Avanti wine fridge chrome racks will house up to 16 bottles of wines which are ideally put away at a temperature run from 62°F to 65°F. The surrounding temperature is shown somewhat elegant with the LED inside light. The Red wines, specifically, turn out at the perfect tapping temperature. Theexterior of Avanti 16 Bottle wine cooler is all dark with a glass entryway, yet the distinction with the entryway is its reversible element.


  • The customizable surrounding temperature is a decent touch and proves to be useful to set it at cooler or hotter settings to fall in accordance with winter and summer seasons, individually
  • Truly one of the sturdy wine Avanti wine cooler.
  • The distinctive actuality is that it’s a wine Avanti wine cooler and NOT a re-purposed Avanti wine fridge. Which implies that it doesn’t make utilization of a blower and the related Freons, so it noticeably rations vitality in spite of running day in and day out/365
  • Keeps ideal temperatures for the capacity of wine and is especially unmatched at keeping red wines at their ideal temperature.


  • Part of the cooling device on this Avanti wine fridge is situated inside the cooling box, which means it can only accommodate shorter wine bottles.

The Verdict

Regardless of whether you have an extensive collection that you’re developing or a little gathering you like to serve immediately, Avanti has a wine cooler for you. We’d like to see them advance toward giving UV glass in all models and offering a service contract, yet other than that, we find that they are a quality brand that will give you a decent product.

Recommendations of Avanti Wine Cooler

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